3 Seconds To Authenticity: Reclaim Your Power

How do you live a more authentic life? Tune in today as I share a 3 Second Check In Tool For Authenticity. I discovered it as I interpreted an image in a book that I recently read called Disrupt-Her: A Manifesto For The Modern Woman. As women, we are often taught to mask our emotions and to show up as the “Good Girl.” This masking of our emotions causes a breakdown in our ability to communicate and form deep and loving connections with ourself and others. We can become passive aggressive, angry, resentful and totally unfulfilled in life. Ladies, this has to stop. Tune in today as I share a 3 Second Check In On Authenticity. Live your most authentic life starting today. #321authenticity #selflove #transformationaltuesday #drkelly #disrupt-her # #mikiagrawal


  1. Ortiz Susie says:

    I could relate to this from past relationships. I need to learn how to communicate my needs & wants & not hesitate to say what’s on my mind. I need to align myself like you said “Live my authentic life today!”

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