Dating And Being Seen

August 13, 2019

Connect on Facebook Share Are you hiding out when men notice you? Do you shrink when a man gives you a complement? Still hiding that body of yours behind baggy pants and MoMo dresses? If you want a man, you need to take baby steps to open up to intimacy.… Read more

Dreams DO Come True

August 6, 2019

Connect on Facebook Share This month has been absolutely amazing for many of the women in our community. I have been receiving texts, videos, comments, phone calls…you name it about dreams coming true. Just these past 3 weeks, I have received notices of 2 engagements, a baby being born, women… Read more

30 Second Rule: Deepen Your Communication with Men

July 30, 2019

Connect on Facebook Share I know how challenging it can be to effectively communicate with your partners, especially when they repeat themselves or tell us the deets about their cars or things that we aren’t interested in! We LOVE a good story, but when we hear it for the ump-teeth… Read more

It’s Never Too Late — To Reclaim Your Power After an STD Diagnosis

July 27, 2019

Have you been diagnosed with herpes? There can be so much shame, guilt when you’re diagnosed and a feeling like your life is over. But believe it or not, having herpes is way more common than you think. If you’ve been carrying around this deep dark secret for years…you’re not… Read more

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Candace -

I discovered Dr. Kelly at a really pivotal time in my life. She was the voice I needed to help create my paradigm shift. She saw the potential in me to be fearless and she pulled it out! I greatly appreciate her compassion and authentic style. For anyone who desires change and immediate results I would suggest working with Dr. Kelly. 


Tama Kieves -

“I am delighted to support the work of Dr. Kelly as she teaches you to remember that, “you are a beautiful, courageous woman that walks this earth.” Her work is compassionate, inspiring, and intelligently holistic. She is a vital voice in the field of health. And I love how she addresses the deeper spiritual aspects that will help women have more passion, love, and healing than they imagine.” - Tama Kieves, New York Times bestselling author of This Time I Dance - Tama Kieves, New York Times bestselling author of This Time I Dance


Zo Williams -

“Dr. Kelly is a bright light in the women’s health and empowerment movement. She writes about the difficult subject of herpes with passion and intelligence without hiding behind a pen name. When she was a guest on my Jamie Foxx’s Foxxhole radio, our phone lines lit up with a worldwide audience.” - Zo Williams, relationship coach and radio personality


Nancy Newby -

“As a psychotherapist who has been working in the herpes counseling arena for over thirty years, I am thrilled to have Dr. Kelly’s book as a resource for my clients. Using a holistic approach, she leads you from shame and confusion to love and beyond, with compassion and humor. - Nancy Newby, MA, LMFT, LMHC, herpes hotline counselor


Annie Kiel -

“Dr. Kelly eloquently presents a honest and realistic depiction of the emotional and physical experience endured by women with a herpes (HSV) infection. My research on HSV screening and diagnosis in the U.S., demonstrated that the primary impact of HSV on women’s lives stems from emotional trauma and social stigma (which is intensified when combined with chronic physical symptoms). Drawing from personal experience and her clinical training, Dr. Kelly offers a unique combination of professional and personal insight to highlight the importance (and benefits) of a holistic approach to accepting, and healing, from a HSV diagnosis. She outlines an alternative path which women can follow as they identify and reconstruct their sexuality, while strengthening their inner self, on their journey to healing. Partners of those with HSV, clinicians, and sexual health researchers would also strongly benefit from the wealth of clinical knowledge, and accurate information presented by this comprehensive overview of HSV.” - Annie Kiel, MPH, MA, Boston University School of Public Health


C.P, President of Colorado Friends Alliance -

“I no longer feel all alone. There is so much valuable information in here, it is truly a complete guide that I will reference again and again. It really meant a lot to me to read a book that was written by a doctor who also has herpes. I really loved the 30 Day Self Care plan to get me started on the right path! Not only has this book taught me how to love myself more deeply, but I have also learned how to eat better and how to take better care of myself. Thank you Dr. Kelly Schuh! I can’t wait to share this with other friends of mine who are struggling with living and dating with herpes.” - C.P, President of Colorado Friends Alliance (A Herpes Support Non Profit)


Krishna Madappa -

“Live, Love, and Thrive is an empowering title of conveyance, which can only manifest by living inspired and in enriched presence. The jewel that illumines from the words conveyed by Dear Dr. Kelly stirs an insight filled moment of the mother Divine or Maha Sakti. The strength and power that resides in the essence of Maha Sakti Devi is potentialized in Dear Dr. Kelly at the very source of her transformative conveyance, in Live, Love, and Thrive, which is a gift for ALL.” - Krishna Madappa, UN Quantum Physicist, President & Co-Founder- Institute for Science, Spirituality & Sustainability


Bonnie Lee -

“As a nurse practitioner, I am thrilled that this book is finally available. Up to this point, drugs and scams were the only option available for women, but now women have a choice. They need this information and Dr. Kelly is the only one I know that is providing it. She has developed an outstanding 30 day Self Care Plan that will help millions of women to take their power back and to learn how to live a more vibrant, healthy life, despite their diagnosis. Women need strong role models, so that they don’t feel like lepers when they are diagnosed with this common infection. I work with women everyday and I can now recommend a book that could literally save their lives.” - Bonnie Lee, RN, Nurse Practitioner


N. Johnson -

“Thank you Dr. Kelly for having written this beautiful book and being out there with your beauty, positive energy and love! I love it – and it gives me strength, hope and inspiration to live a good life and to continue on my spiritual path, with both feet on the ground. It gives me hope that I can love again (maybe for the first time) realizing I have to love myself in order to really give something to the world from my innermost self and that I am the one who has to stop the abuse that I have allowed men to impose upon me.” - N. Johnson, Artist and Yoga Instructor, Norway


Margo Montgomery -

“Live, Love and Thrive with Herpes provides statistical information, as well as answers any frequently asked questions. In addition to being informational, Dr. Kelly provides an honest and open account of her own personal journey, which allows for the reader to connect and relate to the material. Not only is this book relatable, and factual, it also has a section dedicated to self-growth and reflection. It provides the tools necessary to deal with the emotional impact of a diagnosis, and to grow as a person.” - Margo Montgomery, Crisis Management Specialist