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    I am new here. I was diagnosed in February. I was dating a very understanding man at the time. We have since broke up. During that time I was in denial. However now that I’m being faced with the desire to continue to date. I am just now facing this as a reality. I’m devastated!!!!!! Apparently I have had herpes for many years but I didn’t ha e outbreaks. I was faithful with one man for thirty years. Unfortunately he was not faithful and passed herpes to me. I am so angry with him!!! My ex was abusive and the one hope I held on to was that someday I would escape and find a man to really love me. I feel cheated!!! Like the life i longed for has been ripped away from me. I can’t see how I can have a normal sex life when I’m so fearful of passing this to anyone. There is another man I am attracted to. I had the talk with him. Of course he only wants to be friends now. He is very physically attracted to me but is fearful of contracting the virus. I can’t say as I blame him at all! I feel so lost and empty. ☹

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