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    I contracted herpes type 2 four years ago from a sexual assault. the first year or so was okay, but the last couple years I have had near continuous outbreaks. these outbreaks are always painful and often come with fever and fatigue. for the last three months for example, I have had maybe only five days symptom free.

    I live a rather healthy life – no alcohol or drugs, i am vegetarian but eat a well-rounded diet, eat little sugary foods and make an effort to avoid typical ‘trigger foods’. I am currently taking lysine, b-complex, zinc & probiotic. I exercise when I can (when the outbreaks aren’t too painful). I very rarely get sick (haven’t had a cold or flu for a couple years) which would suggest that my immune system is pretty strong in general. I also do not feel particularly stressed (i travel a lot for leisure and work for myself which allows for flexibility and ‘me’ time and I regularly see a therapist about the assault/herpes).

    I have tried three different types of anti-virals (they had horrible side-effects and made little difference to outbreak) and I have also tried various alternative and natural medicines as well.

    In spite of all this and all the changes and effort I have made HERPES JUST WONT LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

    Any suggestions would be welcome as I am getting incredibly desperate and frustrated!!!

    Thank you đŸ™‚

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    I saw your post on in a herpes support group and I want to reachout and extend a helping hand. This place called the underground cure helped my friend totally eradicate HSV from his body completely…no lie…I witnessed this with my own eyes. If you wan to check them out here’s there site:

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    I am having a similar issue! It’s been nearly constant for the last 6 months or so. I am extremely healthy otherwise, do yoga daily, eat nearly 100% organic, and live a relatively stress-free life. I have worked a lot the emotional pain and shame of having herpes, and moved through a lot of it, though of course not all. My first 4 years having herpes I had only 2 or 3 outbreaks. This new chapter with me and herpes has coincided with a new relationship and a period of consistently not getting enough sleep, so I was blaming it on that. But now I am back to my normal sleep schedule, more or less, and the outbreaks are continuing. It’s like some threshold has been crossed and the virus is too strong to control!! If you have found any relief, please let me know what has worked for you!! Thank you. I feel your desperation and frustration deeply.

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    Hi, I am in the same boat. The last month and a half I’ve had pretty much a constant outbreak. I am started to feel defeated, I have antivirals and tons of natural remedies but nothing is working. I am so tired of feeling so irritated all the time! I have no clue how to get rid of it anymore. I live with my boyfriend, and even though he is extremely supportive I am starting to feel embarrassed and like I am letting him down because I have to continuously tell him I still cannot be sexually active. Typically my outbreaks are two to three days maybe once a month before my period, but this is relentless! Help!

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