Are You Living Your Legend Despite Your Herpes Diagnosis?

WDS 2016: Chelsea Dinsmore from Chris Guillebeau on Vimeo.

I came across a very touching video last week from a woman, Chelsea Dinsmore, who clearly had a decision to make that has shaped her destiny. Would she be a depressed, helpless victim to tragic life circumstances or would she stand in her power and live her life on her terms?…

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What The #imwithherpes Campaign Told Me About Our Community

What The #ImWithHerpes Campaign Told Me About Our Community


ella-dawsonI was working in my office when my boyfriend came to me excitedly asking if I had seen the new “I’m with herpes” hashtag.  As a twitter advocate he is usually the one keeping me in the loop in regards to what is currently trending on twitter. …

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How Herpes affects Women’s Sexuality

aloneHow Herpes affects Women’s Sexuality

Contributing Author: Stephanie

Many anthropologists, sociologists, and feminist theorists have explored the reasoning behind women’s sexuality, or rather the reasoning for the almost absence of women’s sexuality in today’s society.  Because women’s ability to have sexual desires based on their own personal desires, and not those of a man, is frequently discredited by mainstream society, women’s sexuality automatically becomes discredited as a whole.  …

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Herpes 101

The Truth About Herpes

With all of the social stigmas surrounding herpes, it’s hard to distinguish what the facts truly are about the herpes virus. This video is a great herpes 101 resource to clear up some common misconceptions. I encourage you to watch it and comment your thoughts below!…

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Herpes and Learned Helplessness

Herpes and Learned Helplessness

Loving Your Fear

Last week was a mixed bag of emotions for my family. We had to euthanize our pet hamster, Cocoa, and say goodbye to our cute little buddy.

As I pulled into our driveway with tears in my eyes, my daughter begged me to to turn around and head to Petsmart to shop for a new “Cocoa”.…

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Free Herpes Testing?

ID-100305156What do you do when your herpes test results are inconclusive or confusing? 

After working within the herpes community for many years, this question is more common than one would think. Let’s review some of the most common scenarios and the appropriate interpretations of these results.…

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